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The demand for specialists is drastically rising. Job seekers are inundated with requests from business owners, in-house and outsourced recruiters, attempting to convince them to participate in numerous application processes.

Though flattering at first, you may soon find it difficult to identify suitable opportunities that will benefit your future career development. Hiring processes are often lengthily and time-consuming, and involve technical assessments and face to face sessions.

enlightened Interview processes are often lengthily, and you may have to take time off from work to attend. Identify those options that are most suitable.


Cut the noise and reduce confusion, consider 5 points, before you commit to interview processes 

1. Company background, size and years in business

Do you want to be one of the first employees working for a start- up, developing groundbreaking solutions, but with no business track record OR become part of an established company with solid financial backing and stable clients?

Obtain employable skills. Make sure that whether it is a start-up or an international organisation, that your subject matter experience and skills are always in demand. Consider future growth.


2.  Business & Technology Focus

Technology collaboration and social media platforms reflect the technology and business focus of companies.

Prospective career choices should keep up with global trends and industry requirements.


3.  Company culture and the team

Are you a good fit for the team? Social media platforms and discussion blogs are excellent sources for finding information on organisations' employees.

Like-minded professionals that share similar career and social interests make better co-workers.

Attend interviews at companies that employ industry leaders or specialists that will have a positive effect on your career.


4.  Workplace Location

Establish the exact location of prospective employers. Where will the project team be based? Will you be moved around between sites? Are you able to work remotely?

Find the facts.


5.  Remuneration and Perks

What is on offer? Make sure that you obtain proper information on interviewing companies' packages and perks.

Compare the information with your current package and clearly communicate your expected salary and perks - bonuses, shares, medical/pension funds, study loans and leave days.

Many lengthy interview processes result in fruitless exercises due to a lack of communication during the initial contact stages. 




Powerful well-thought-out questions will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and present you with a chance to showcase skills, experience and suitability"

By painting the picture of a desperate job seeker, you may jeopardise your earning potential, level of future employment and prospective growth opportunities.

Changing career paths is not always and option, but you can find happiness and purpose in your current situation


Job-hoppers are individuals who repeatedly move between companies every one to two years. The reason for the move is not the result of layoffs, companies closing down or end of contracts. Millennials have expectations to constantly learn, develop, and advance in their careers. 

Job-hopping does however, have serious consequences that you should be aware of.


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