Executive Interviews, Interview Questions

enlightened "Powerful well-thought-out questions will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and present you with a chance to showcase skills, experience and suitability"


Responses to questions will shed light on existing issues, background information and organisational objectives and goals. Present yourself as the best candidate for the role.


  • Take the time to prepare a robust set of questions. It is vital that you learn as much as possible about a company's services, products, customers and competitors. Go beyond reading the company's website. Look for social media, and news feeds on company performance, projects, key players in the organisation, customers and the competition.
  • Make sure that you do not ask questions that you can otherwise find answers for.
  • It is essential that you prepare every possible response to your questions (yes, no and maybe) to support a continuous discussion flow and to present yourself in the best possible way.
  • Asses the need to address issues or ask certain questions. Do not repeat questions.




1. Why is this position vacant?


Reason for asking


Understand the circumstances that led to the vacancy. Is this a new opening in a developing company or replacement as the result of a resignation or firing of a previous employee?


How you benefit from asking


These scenarios all have significant consequences. Equip yourself with a deeper understanding of the environment, baggage associated with the position and expectations of the role.


2. What are the major issues that the company is currently facing?


Reason for asking


The interview panel may disclose challenges and frustrations that the organisation is facing.


How you benefit from asking


This question creates an opportunity to assess your interest in the environment and suitability for the role. Position yourself as the solution to issues raised and a memorable participant in the process.


Discuss ways in which you have successfully approached similar problems in the past. Prepare a list of achievements and examples of issues that you have solved, relevant to the scenario. Your research on the company will come in handy.



3. What qualities and background experiences are you looking for in the ideal candidate?


Reason for asking


Obtain a better understanding of essential skills, attributes and required background experiences, before you step into a new role.


How you benefit from asking


It is important to assess your capability to perform and meet expectations. Moving careers on a senior/executive level have long term implications. It is crucial that you consider your interests and ability to bring change to the organisation.



4. Comment on organisational long and short-term goals


Reason for asking


Long-term goals are fundamentally strategic and shape the overall direction of the company. Short-term goals are the steps required to achieve the longer-term objectives and indicate how well organisations carry out programs.


How you benefit from asking


Goals define the reasons why a job exists. People are employed to perform specific tasks. Goals clarify what they are employed to do.


Information on short and long-term goals will help you to evaluate the fit . Gain an understanding of desired outcomes and consider the likelihood of successful business and strategic execution.



5. Do you feel that my career experience and skills are a good fit for the role?


Reason for asking


The hiring panel may reveal reservations concerning your application.


How you benefit from asking


Assess how well the interview went. Address concerns, and rectify any uncertainties and miscommunications. Emphasise your interest in the role.



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Specialists are inundated with opportunities to interview. Consider 5 points before you decide to participate in an interview process.

By painting the picture of a desperate job seeker, you may jeopardise your earning potential, level of future employment and prospective growth opportunities.

Career change is not always and option, but you can find happiness and purpose in your current situation


Job-hoppers are individuals who repeatedly move between companies every one to two years. The reason for the move is not the result of layoffs, companies closing down or end of contracts. Millennials have expectations to constantly learn, develop, and advance in their careers. 

Job-hopping does however, have serious consequences that you should be aware of.


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